Who we are

Mission statement

The Digital Healthcare Council is the go-to voice for digital healthcare, working
to influence developments in policy and regulation.

We believe that digital solutions have the potential to transform the quality, experience and access of patient care. That’s why we’re calling for digital provision to be seen alongside face-to-face services as part of the package of modern healthcare.

Our aim is to create a vibrant digital healthcare ecosystem that works for patients


We promote a greater understanding of digital healthcare to build an optimal operating environment that is fit for today’s healthcare challenges and into the future. To do that, we focus on three broad areas:

  1. Influence – informing the rules that shape the digital health environment
  2. Vision and insight – explaining how digital healthcare can benefit patients, the public and the economy
  3. Connection – bringing organisations together to support a digitally-enabled healthcare ecosystem

Our members

Our team

Graham Kendall


Graham has advised numerous organisations across healthcare including the Department of Health, NHS Trusts and independent sector providers as well as commercial and not-for-profit organisations. He is a graduate of Cambridge University where he read medicine and then social and political sciences.

His healthcare experience spans over three decades. He has also worked extensively in and around Parliament advising frontbenchers in Government and Opposition, with backbench MPs from all parties, and serving as a local Councillor.

Achievements and expertise include:
• Running award winning campaigns that have changed legislation and Government policy
• Working with developers to design new mobile healthcare apps and software to visualise complex datasets
• In-depth analytics to gauge opinion and model complex contentious issues to shape communication strategies
• Developing cutting-edge AI research tools with leading academics
• CIO of Santovia, a US-based health-tech start-up

Ed Grunill

Operations Manager

Ed is the Operations Manager of the DHC, who runs day-to-day management of the DHC alongside strategic work, focussing on communications and member engagement.

Before joining the DHC Ed has worked in leading UK charities, from responsible for the creation and delivery of communications strategies, liaising with national media for high-profile announcements and developing multi-faceted campaigns that drive narratives.Ed’s experience  gives him insight into the health landscape and he is passionate about campaigns that are strategic and help deliver positive change for patients and hardworking healthcare professionals.

Zoe Bedford

Chief Executive at ZPB Associates and advisor to the DHC

Zoe set up ZPB in August 2009 to start to build an environment where the NHS, independent sector, life sciences and third sector can have better connected and more productive partnerships.

From data and tech firms, to pharma, med tech and organisations who care for patients across acute, community and primary care, Zoe and her team help position and steer organisations through the health and care system. With a background in data and insight, Zoe is passionate about the use of data and transparency as the basis for change, improvement, and better working practices within the health and care system.

Alongside overseeing the DHC’s agenda and activity, Zoe sits on the UK Board of the global business network the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation (EO), and is Trustee of the public health charity C3 Collaborating for Health, which works globally to improve lifestyle factors that drive the rise in non-communicable diseases.

Juliette Cosgrove

Communications Assistant

Juliette is the DHC’s Communications Assistant alongside her role at ZPB Associates. Juliette is passionate about reducing healthcare inequality and is excited to combine her interest in PR and communications with healthcare companies to work for the greater good. Prior to joining the DHC, Juliette enjoyed volunteering for charity organisations, seeking to help those affected worse by the pandemic, and getting involved in local politics.

Contact us

Please get in touch via contact@digitalhealthcarecouncil.com or call 07956091677