RCGP call for investment in digital

Commenting in Digital Health News on the RCGP’s tech manifesto, DHC Director, Graham Kendall explained how technology can significantly decrease pressures on GPs:

“The manifesto pledge from the secretary of state for 6,000 additional GPs and 50 million more patient consultations is certainly an ambitious one. However, the Digital Healthcare Council would strongly advocate that new technological solutions will significantly decrease the burden of meeting this goal”

“Online digital consultations help give flexibility to time-stretched GPs, reducing burnout and ultimately attrition rates, whilst giving many patients quicker and more convenient access to consultations that can be equally as effective for hundreds of conditions.

“Removal of the laborious and inefficient paperwork processes in replacement for the quick and painless digital systems, can give back vital time to GPs to spend more time caring for even more patients. Full access to the patient record is essential.”