Lessons from Covid

Writing in Digital Health News, DHC Director, Graham Kendall, outlines what’s worked, and what needs to change, identifying five key lessons: Focus on integrating solutions Support and empower local users to choose solutions that work for them. Avoid spending money twice – if a local service wants, and is willing to pay for, a more… Read More Lessons from Covid

Breaking the Covid-19 backlog

The latest Digital Health Unplugged podcast explores how to break the Covid-19 backlog. DHC Director, Graham Kendall, joins host Andrea Downey and Tom Whicher, founder of DrDoctor to discuss. During the podcast, Graham highlights the importance of: developing integrated digital solutions that prioritise and enhance the user experience, rather than bulk buying commoditised siloes supporting… Read More Breaking the Covid-19 backlog

It’s time to measure performance on patients’ priorities

The Prime Minister says he wants to prioritise the NHS, so let’s start by prioritising – and measuring – what matters to patients. With such a strong focus on Brexit, it’s easy to miss that the Conservative’s key domestic pledges at the last election had a notably different emphasis compared to past campaigns. “£33.9 billion… Read More It’s time to measure performance on patients’ priorities