Credentially and the Covid-19 Clinical Assessment Team: Getting GPs compliant to work in a new role in just a few days

As anyone who employs healthcare professionals knows, it can take up to six months to complete compliance checks. So, when the Covid-19 pandemic arrived, and thousands of GPs, pharmacists and paramedics were needed to help take the pressure of front-line services, the NHS faced an immense challenge. Credentially stepped in to support the issue by registering hundreds of GP volunteers on a grassroots volunteering scheme to help the NHS 111 and in just a few days the scheme signed up nearly 1000 clinicians.

After this, Credentially were asked by NHS England and Improvement to support a new service, the Covid-19 Clinical Assessment Service, that would help get thousands of clinical staff ready to work on the front line in the fight against Covid-19.

Using automation and machine learning, Credentially were able to automate the sign-up and verification process and enable it to be completed in just a few days.

Credentially’s CEO Dr Kit Latham developed the product off the back of his own personal frustration with time consuming bureaucracy when signing up for new work as a doctor. He said:

Credentially automates every step and check required to hire a healthcare worker. Our usual clients are cutting-edge digital health providers like Doctor Care Anywhere, Qured, GDPQ and Medefer, but this project was different. We were working with a brand-new team, spread across many different organisations, many of whom had never met because of the social distancing measure in place.

After setting up the service for both existing GPs and returning retired GPs, Credentially also set up an onboarding process for paramedics, nurses and AHPs within 24hrs.

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