Ensure support for digital based patient-initiated follow ups

As part of NHS England’s Phase Three response to COVID-19, patient-initiated follow up processes (PIFU) have been recommended for use in secondary care.

DHC Director, Graham Kendall commented on the new guidance in Digital Health News saying that evidence “overwhelmingly” suggests that patients who are actively involved in managing their care do much better.

“Given there is no ideal one size fits all for follow-up interventions, patient initiated follow-up is potentially a great opportunity to shape care around individual needs. In turn, we can offer more efficient provision while crucially improving outcomes and achieving a better experience.” 

However, it is “essential” that patients have the support they need to use PIFU services.

“Just as digital triaging can help channel patients to the right place at the beginning of their care, we can build similar approaches to support patients through their follow-up journey,” he said.

“This support must be individualised, responsive and available to all. We already have many of these elements in place, but the PIFU policy brings new urgency to integrate these solutions and adopt them more widely.”

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