Concern that NHS App could crowd the vaccine passport market

Commenting in the HSJ, DHC director, Graham Kendall and DHC member,, raised concerns that government promotion of the NHS App for covid-19 vaccine passports could push out other health tech providers.

Graham said: “If we try to do it alone and the NHS App ends up crowding out the rest of the market in this country, we risk several profoundly unhelpful consequences.

“It puts the burden for covid passports on the NHS, when surely the focus should be on providing care rather than sorting out everyone’s travel arrangements.

“It undermines healthcare developers in the UK, sending a strong signal that other countries are better places to invest and innovate.”

Katy Reid, chief operating officer for, added:

“The whole ethos is that we all work together to make sure there are options for individuals to share their health credentials easily and simply and empower individuals to give them choice. We work together so we have a defined blueprint, a digital health pass or a green card or a physical card that would all adhere to the same rules.

“As far as I’m aware, the NHS are offering an option. They are saying we will be able to access [vaccine passports] on the NHS App. But what [government] is not saying is, ‘This will be one of the ways in which you’ll be able to access them’.

“I think it’s just causing so much confusion and slightly putting down the great efforts that everyone else is putting in across the board to make this solution available for everyone and give people choice and empowerment.”

Check out the full article in the HSJ for more.