NHS ConfedExpo 2022

This week NHS ConfedExpo will bring together health and care leaders, providers and thought leaders for a two-day event, aiming to inspire change at all levels across the system.

If you are attending NHS ConfedExpo and want to meet with the DHC, let us know via contact@digitalhealthcarecouncil.com

Set against the backdrop of record pressures and with ICSs poised to go live, this is a truly significant moment.

NHS ConfedExpo has five main themes:

  1. Health inequalities – exploring how to address these inequalities many of which have deepened because of the pandemic and NHS pressures.
  2. Driving recovery – exploring how to rebuild a health and social care system that is fit for future challenges.
  3. People – how to respond to the immediate and longer-term workforce challenges.
  4. Collaboration and partnerships – understanding the implications of system integration and collaboration.
  5. Quality and clinical improvement – learning from pioneering innovators leading research, new treatments, technologies, and digital solutions, all focused on providing high-quality care.

Digital solutions are crucial if we are to achieve the progress we need across these areas. Whether that’s challenging inequalities by giving patients convenient and rapid access to services when and where they need it, optimising patient and service user flow across the system to make the most of available resources or reducing repetition and admin to support staff to work at the top of their skillet. We’ve already come a long way, but we are still only scratching the surface of what digital can offer.

We’re looking forward to the conversations at ConfedExpo, and are excited to see how they will lead to new partnerships and improve life for staff, service users and patients alike.