Three things we are looking forward to at Wired Health 2023

The DHC are proud to partner with WIRED Health 2023 for their upcoming London conference. The event aims to support a broader awareness of how the health industry is evolving, helping attendees to connect with leaders in their field while examining innovations across healthcare. Learn more about the conference here.

If you are a digital company who is attending and would like to find out more about the work of the DHC, email us at: and we can organise meeting up. 

Ahead of attending the event on the 21st of March, we highlight 3 things we are looking forward to:

1) Hearing about scaling digital home care solutions

The last few months has seen much change within NHS leadership, not least the merger of NHSE and NHSD. At Wired Health, we look forward to hearing from Tara Donnelly, who until last month led the digital transformation of the NHS and social care. In her role, she helped increase the use of digital technologies, playing a leading role in NHSE’s virtual wards programme, helping people to receive healthcare at home. In her talk we are looking forward to hearing about her new company Digital Care, established this year, which supports NHSE and digital health innovator partners to scale digital home care.

2) Health and Tech session showcasing Palantir’s NHS collaboration

We are looking forward to hearing from Indra Joshi, director of health, research, and AI at Palantir Technologies. As a leading expert in digital health and AI technologies, she created the NHS AI Lab, a £250 million investment which resulted in the development and deployment of over 80 AI technologies in the UK health and care sector. We hope her talk will cover the principles and standards which are used to develop these data-driven healthcare technologies and the ethical guidelines and regulations in place to protect patients.

3) The future of the NHS – panel discussion

With a wide range of speakers, ranging from medical practitioners, health technologists and pharmaceutical leaders we are looking forward to the afternoon’s panel discussion which explores the future of the NHS. Despite digital solutions being recognised as critical for the recovery of the NHS, they are still not being widely adopted throughout. Many digital companies – including DHC members – want to help reduce current pressures and create a sustainable healthcare system. This includes supporting the NHS to use existing resources more efficiently and provisioning care outside traditional settings. We hope this panel discussion will facilitate important conversations about how we can scale digital solutions – ensuring that technology, which is having measurable impact, is incorporated into the NHS’s future.