Carers Week 2022

Today marks the start of Carers Week 2022 which aims to bring attention to the challenges faced by carers to ensure that they feel visible, valued and supported in all areas of life. Digital transformation can play a crucial role in facilitating care and alleviating some of the numerous pressures placed on carers. 

With the launch of ICSs it is crucial thatwe see progress made to tackle disjointed care. Too often the key pillars of our health and social care operate in silos creating inefficiencies, unavoidably poor outcomes and costs which have unnecessary negative effects on patients and carers. 

Digital transformation offers a series of opportunities for improving specific integration issues such as delayed discharge, supporting people to live independently and improving access to testing and screening. 

DHC member Elder, exemplifies the positive change that the introduction of digital tech can have to social care. Their technology enables a person-centred approach by facilitating live-in care that gives people the help they need to keep control, choice and independence over their own life.